Innovative Spinning processes

In our different divisions we realize all processes as follows :

In our different divisions we realize all processes as follows ::

  • Fibre mixing : it consists in the passage of mixing fibres and/or colours requested for final product,
  • Fibre carding : raw material is transformed in sliver , that means fibres are ordered and parallel with a constant basis weight
  • Spinning of sliver and/or wicks that are transformed in yarns.
  • Yarn winding : this limited to woolen and carded ultrafine yarns.
Carded ultrafine division®:

this a special department for carding and new concept carding preparation , a special preparation either for spinning or for spinning integrated on line with vaporising and winding.

Woolen spinning division:

it is equipped with cylinder carding machines for fibre carding and ring frames that provide to drawing process and correct twisting of wick transforming it on yarn that subsequently is collected in particular packaging called ‘bobbin’ of 100/200 grams weight.
Next passage is winding process where bobbins become cones with diffent weights ( from 1 till 2 kgs), same machines eliminate also potential defects through an electronic quality control and to wax also yarn for knitwear customers.

Open-End division:

We have different lines each one composed by:
Supply boxes , automatic loading machine with a mixer machine , carding machines to produce sliver to spinning process. Our spinning process are robotized equipped in order to produce yarns directly on packages that do not need any other winding passage.

Quality controls

Quality control system is starting from r.white material till all different passages of production. The first control is on r.white material and it clearly depending from different types and they are Carried out before on samples received and then on correspondent lots.

  • Cotton : controls are either visual and from dyeing dpt to check if contamination are present
  • Wool and similar : the parameters controlled are finesse, length and contamination.
  • Cashmere : quality controls are more strict and repeated on finesse , length and number of coloured and black hairs. Moreover there are severe controls on possible contamination factors.
    Quality controls are different depending from all processes as follows :
  • Dyeing process : In order to check that colour matching is exactly as the one ordered by customer , we double check either visually and with electronic devices.
  • After fibre mixing : other controls on colour are done after this process.
  • Carding : Manual and robotized controls give the possibility to check that yarn count is constantly the same during all process
  • Spinning : In this process we check again colour matching , yarn count and strenght on final product.
    At the end, in order to know exactly all lots story we store all values on a data medium

Human Resources

Our staff is what we call a fondamental resource for FDP , most of them are grown in the company arriving to develop absolute high level knowledge of all processes and it is due to their ability that we are able to introduce important innovations in our world.